Risk Profile

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Risk profile is the quantification of risk tolerance of an individual. Every individual has a different risk tolerance or risk taking appetite based on several factors like age, income, investment needs and tenure etc. Therefore, knowing your risk profile helps you as an investor to create specific investment plans with the right asset mixes basis your risk profile.

Moderately Conservative
Moderately Aggressive
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What does Moderate Risk mean?
Main aim is to generate return while taking some risk
Investor personal
The investor can tolerate a moderate level of risk in exchange for relatively higher potential returns over a medium to long-term
Moderate risk-takers usually strive to strike a balance between returns and risk. These types of investors will go for high returns while being ready to an agreeable risk level. Therefore, a moderate risk-taker's portfolio will be hybrid - It will constitute a moderate share of equity oriented investments as well as debt instruments for risk dilution.
Product suitability
Debt Funds like Credit Risk, Medium to Long Term Bond Funds. Equities and Equity oriented mutual funds like Large cap, Large & Mid-Cap, Hybrid Aggressive Funds, etc.