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NRIZEN Benefits and USPs
Access to India's Thriving
Mutual Fund Market
Gain direct access to one of the world's most promising Mutual Fund markets-India. Tap into a dynamic and evolving financial landscape, potentially reaping substantial returns over time.
Technical Knowledge
and Domain Expertise
Our team possess technical knowledge and domain expertise to help NRI investors make informed decisions, optimize their portfolios, and navigate complex financial markets effectively.
Tax Management
and Planning
The team comes with in-depth knowledge and experience to help clients minimize tax liabilities while maximizing returns on investments in India, ensuring financial efficiency.
Financial Planning
Comprehensive financial planning, helping NRI investors achieve long-term financial well-being. Assistance with repatriation, remittances, and other financial aspects, ensuring a holistic approach to financial success.
Meet the NRIZEN Experts
Our unmatched technical knowledge and 50 Years of domain expertise
Ritesh Jain
Founder NRIZEN
Co - Founder PineTree Macro.
Eastern Financiers Ltd
Co- Founder NRIZEN