Ritesh Jain, Pinetree Macro

Ritesh Jain is a market veteran who has managed billions of dollars across various Fixed Income Funds and has been the LinkedIn Top Voice 2019. He is currently running his own macro firm, PineTree Macro, in Canada. We started by discussing the hottest topic trending across social media since Xi Jinping visited Russia. A slew of decisions post Xi’s visit indicate that countries across Asia ex-Japan, are working round the clock and taking swift actions towards their “de-dollarization” dream. Ritesh calls this a “Brave New World” and believes that we are in a Kondratiev winter phase for the greenback (reserve currency). According to Ritesh, as we progress towards de-dollarization, commodity producers and high gold ownership countries will see their currencies strengthen as they have tangible assets to barter against rapidly devaluing fiat currencies. He believes the trend started to post the sanction of Russian FX Reserves last year during the war. The dollar’s hegemony is unparalleled as the global reserve currency, accounting for 90% of the total trade settlements. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-3-anniversary- special/id1679148993?i=1000609024831

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